The new Beats and Styles album titled "This is Beats and Styles" is out now in Finland. Before it's released in you country, you can check out some tasters on what's to expect here!

We'll also include a separate Alimo&Control section to this site soon, where you'll be abled to check out some different stuff from the same producers.
January 2004 (Finland)'

June 2004 (Finland)
August 2004 (Norway, Sweden, Denmark)
cat. nr. EPC 675046 1
Beats and Styles: "Dance, Dance, Dance!"

The new album is coming! The follow up album titled "We're not ready yet" is coming out in Finland early September.

The first single out from the new album is called "Dance, Dance, Dance!". It's a raw and funky roller with a catchy hook and wicked vocals from MC Scholar (UK) and Johanna Sandell (Fin).

The b-side of the single is the wicked latin house roller with Slarta John (he's appeared among many tracks also on Basement Jaxx's: Jump&Shout and Beats and Styles' Smilin' & Allstars.

Out now in Scandinavia!

Dance, Dance, Dance! radio version
Soca rumba (DJ friendly mix)

Germany May 10th, 2004
cat. nr. EPC 674663 1
Beats and Styles presents: "Allstars"

The newest release from Beats and Styles in Germany at the moment is "Allstars".

On 28.8.2003 Alimo&Control flew featured artists on the album from all over the world to perform at the album release party. On the same weekend they also decided to record a new track with all these artists featured on it. The beat was called "allstars" and everybody in the crew liked it right away.

On one sweaty afternoon at the studio we god Slarta John (Basement Jaxx) / UK, Papa Dee (”First Cut is the Deepest” and of course “Girls’ anthem”) / SWE, Z-MC (“Drum and the Bass” and Bomfunk MC’s: “Back to Back”) / USA, MC Jus Red (Smoove @ Ministry of Sound and Beats&Styles Anthem) / UK, MC Venom / UK and the mysterious London MC. Some female colour comes from Kallaghan / UK. For the chorus line we got the trustworthy Max’C, who's also featured on Dynamite. So very international in deed!

Allstars radio version
Girls' anthem house version

Allstars video (MPG) 12mb

July 2003 (25.7.2003) (Finland)
September 2003 (Norway)
January 2004 (Germany)
cat. nr. EPC 674103 1
Beats and Styles feat. Toni W & B.O.Dubb: "Dynamite"

The long awaited new single from Beats and Styles is now here! The release date is set to mid July and it's going to be a killer! The reactions in the dancefloors have been very good and you can check the head nod factor by yourself by downloading the mp3-samples from below.

The track is made in association with Raymond Ebanks, aka. B.O.Dubb from Bomfunk MC's and Toni Wirtanen from the band Apulanta. Also working on the track we had Max'C, who's known from his mid-90's band 3rd Nation and collaborations with artists like Bomfunk MC's.

The video will be ready soon, so come back soon to be abled to download it when it's ready!

Download mp3:
Dynamite Radio mix
Dynamite Dancehall mix


7.9.2003 (Finland)
Other parts of Scandinavia: early 2004
cat. nr. EPC 674461 1
Beats and Styles feat. Papa Dee: "Girls' anthem" (also known as Girlie tune)

The latest hit from the Beats and Styles is the one they call "Girls' anthem" (also known as "Girlie tune"). The track is a warm sounding latin influenced dancehall/r'n'b style track with excellent vocals by Papa Dee from Sweden. Papa Dee's best known for his hits like "No substitution" and "First cut is the deepest".

As a bonus, we have the exclusive "Gettin' busy" diwali version.

The video was filmed in Miami. Download it here!

The track is a Scandinavian priority on Sony Music, which means it'll be released all over scandinavia real soon!

Girls' anthem Gettin busy Remix
Girls' anthem original album version

Release date 22.8.2003 (Finland)
cat. nr. EPC5139202

The biggest dance album coming from Finland this year: Alimo&Control's THIS IS BEATS AND STYLES. There's so much to hype about this album, but maybe it's better to let the music talk this time. Check out the samples below:


1. Intro (interview of Slarta John)
2. Dynamite [feat. B.O.Dubb (FIN), Toni W (FIN) & Max'C (USA)]
3. Anthem [feat. Jus Red (UK), Z-MC (USA) & Miara (FIN)]
4. Girlie tune [feat. Papa Dee (SWE)]
5. Dr. Johnny [feat.Slarta John (UK)]
6. Just Dance download the video HERE!
7. Happy [feat. Kallghan (UK)]
8. There she goes [feat. Hosni (MAR) & Jus Red (UK)]
9. Ragamoffin Business [feat. Papa Dee (SWE) & B.O.Dubb (FIN)]
10. Smilin' [feat. Slarta John (UK)]
11. Too Ruud [feat. Hosni (MAR), Jus Red (UK) & MC Venom (UK)]
12. Take Control [feat. Miara (FIN)]
13. Spread love [feat. Mr. Matrix (USA)]
14. Fifth element of hip hop [feat. Supa TC IZ (USA)]
15. Summer Tune [feat. Papa Ricky (BRA)]

January 2003
cat. nr. EPC 673547 1
Beats and Styles feat. Slarta John: "Smilin"

March 2003
cat. nr. B&S004
"Smilin"/"Tribulation dub"

Smilin' is a brilliant mixture of r'n'b, ragga, ethnic and garage-flavours all put together in a Beats and Styles -way. The wicked vocals by MC Slarta John from Birmingham, known for collaborations such as Basement Jaxx's "Jump and Shout", Hatiras' "Spaced Invader", Blowfelt's "Backup Backup" and Stanton Warriors' "Dooms Night".

The limited edition release from Beats and Styles (B&S 004) has made a good impact especially in the garage scene in the States. The track is currently out in Finland and the video's charted in the MTV Nordic's Up North Chart! Since that it's been a regular in the night programming on MTV Nordic.

Download the wicked video for it here...

Listen to samples of the CD-single versions here:

October 2002
cat. nr. EPC 67319826
Beats and Styles feat. MC Jus Red, Z-MC & Miara: "Anthem"

December 2002
cat. nr. B&S003
"Anthem remixes" (12'')

The late august release from 2002 - the Beats and Styles Anthem has attracted a lot of positive vibes worldwide. The latest news is that even the legendary garage-trio Dreem Team have taken it to their "Hot Box Chart" at number 6 and top-20 in the "Best UK Garage tracks of 2002" selection. The single's commercially released in Finland through Sony Music and the underground 12'' singles are out in the UK by Beats and Styles Recordings.

Anthem is a wicked latin-piano driven track with MCing from MC Jus Red (Ministry of Sound, London) and Z-MC (Beats and Styles, NYC/Gothenburg). On the radio version you'll also find the sexy vocals of Miara aka. Mia Vänskä.

The track is already released as a 12'' through Beats nd Styles Recordings (under the name Alimo&Control feat. MC Jus Red) and DJs like Emma Feline (Twice as Nice), DJ Chewy (RWD Mag), Oris Jay (Forward, Bingo etc.), and J Da Flex (Radio 1 Xtra) are already known to have banged the tune big time.

To complete the package, there's a wicked video for the tune. Download it here...

The TPs with special VIP remixes are already in manufacturing, check out samples of what's to expect:

September 2002
cat. nr. B&S002
"B&S Anthem"/"Summer tune"

The second release from Beats and Styles is a perfect example of the versatile and international style this label can offer. With vocalists from Brazil, UK, USA and Finland and well produced drum'n'bass/new school party breaks/UK garage-flavours this one is definately takin Beats and Styles to the map.

On the D&B-side you've got a brazilian style drum'n'bass roller "Summer Tune" with touching vocals by Brazil's Papa Ricky. But the bomb is set at "Anthem" on the UKG-side. The absolutely rolling MC-lick by MC Jus Red from the UK takes the tune into a completely new level.

Release date: September 2002

Download mp3 samples: D&B / UKG
Download music video: MPG
Download release info: pdf

March 2002
cat. nr. B&S001
"Dissin"/"Crazy with the sound"

The first release from Beats and Styles is a strong pair of tracks with styles from funky/soulful drum'n'bass of "Crazy with the sound" to housey garage flavours of "Dissin'".

Both of the tracks feature wicked vocals from talented singers. The Dissin' is vocalled by Quincy Linton from the UK and Crazy with the sound by Miara from Finland. Check it out!

Release date: April 2002 (no more in stock)

Download mp3 samples: D&B / UKG
Download release info: pdf