Videos from the "Straight Forward" Album
"Straight up" - the new video

Beats and Styles is a cross-over dance project from Finland combining rock, dance, hip hop and reggae with catchy and energetic songs and fun music videos.

The project was started in 2002 and it's run by DJ Control aka. Jaakko Manninen. Beats and Styles has released 4 albums and 2 compilations and has over 23 music videos!

The 6-member Beats and Styles live band has gained reputation with their energetic sets all over Europe and they do around 70-100 shows every year.
Beats and Styles is releasing the new album "Straight up" with two great singles and videos.

The song "You got the light" has been one of the biggest tracks for Beats and Styles in their home territory of Finland the last year. It was top 20 in all the radio and music video playlists in the country. The single was top 20 for 15 weeks and the download chart positions were even higher.
The hit single "You got the light"
Most succesful older singles
Take it Back feat. Papa Dee

The song "Take it Back" is Beats and Styles' latest international success. The song was originally released in Finland (Edel), Italy (Time Records), Spain (Vale/Universal), Benelux (White Villa) and Sweden (TMC Nordic) in summer 2007.

It was heavy rotation airplay in all the territories with top 20 success in Italy and Finland. In Spain the song was included on the biggest compilations and it gained the best royalties (about 10 000 euro - on top of the advance)!

In 2008 Ministry of Sound Germany licensed the song to the rest of the world. The start of the promotion was great with VIVA adding the song to a-list heavy rotation. It was also Music Control's top 30. Unfortunately there were problems with our Benelux partners as they had "accidentally" released the song in iTunes for the World (even they had rights for Benelux only) so the song was out as two titles and the chart results were split between these two. The song only peaked at top 50, but it could've been better.

Since then the song did really well in Poland (heavy rotation, good sales - don't know exactly). We did for example the Sopot Festival with the song.

Just recently Take it Back was top 10 airplay of all the radios in Russia.

Dance Dance Dance was a huge success upon it's release. It was originally released in 2004 in Finland and in 2005 SonyBMG put it out in GSA. The song went up to top 40 in the singles charts in GSA.

In Italy Dance Dance Dance was huge peaking at top 10 in the dance and sales charts. Spain did also really well as well as France (M6 heavy rotation, for example). We released an album with Warm Music in 2006 and even performed at the Festival Transmusicales de Rennes at the main stage.

The song was also released by Ministry of Sound in Australia and Gallo in South Africa where it got a lot of airplay. There was also a remix by Tom Neville on that release.

Dynamite was our earliest success in 2003-2004. It went gold in Finland and stayed in the top 3 for 15 weeks. The song was also released in GSA and the rest of Scandianvia through Sony Music and it went top 20 in Sweden, Switzerland and Denmark and top 30 in Germany and Austria.

Everything is Everything did really well in Finland and Poland in 2005.
Dance Dance Dance feat. MC Scholar
Dynamite feat. Bomfunk MC's
Everything is Everything
Other great videos
Walk, Don't Talk feat. Michael Monroe

B Here's other videos from us. All of them have been succesful in our home territory in Finland. The song "Invitation to the Dancefloor" also did very well in Italy and Spain.
Ocean Wave feat. Michael Monroe
Invitation to the Dancefloor
Two White Monkeys
Renegades feat. Michael Monroe
Girls' Anthem feat. Papa Dee
Smilin' feat. Slarta John
Just Dance
Live clips
Poland promo

We do about 70-100 shows a year with the live band.
Recent live vibes

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